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Weekend Homework

In an organized manner, using keynote or Power Point, present both your ideas to the class. Keep your presentation 5 minuets or less. Scan your notes, sketches, and mind maps so they can be included in the presentation. Also include any preliminary comps, typefaces and color choices. Make your case for both so the class … Continue reading


Persuasive Poster

For this project you will pick a social cause that you find important. The goal is to create a poster that will effectively communicate to the viewer why they should think your cause is important. Think of your poster as a visual persuasive essay. __ | Read pages 254-271 (Practice: On Walls) & 362-389 (Practice: … Continue reading

Project 1 Final Due Date

The final due date for parts 1 & 2 of Project One is March 28th.

Resources for inspiration

These images are screen shots of http://whois.wildlife.la. Wildlife is a LA based interactive agency the site is a new take on the classic studio one-sheet. Built in HTML5 for the digital age, relating the legend of Wildlife. Take some time to check the site out, it’s one of the more exciting pieces of web design I have … Continue reading


In part 2 of this project you will create a three page website mock-up. You will need to research the web-sties of 5 musical artists. Take screen shots of each exampel. If the page has vertical scrolling take several screen shots from the top of the page to the bottom and then stitch them together … Continue reading


For this assignment you will develop a fictional musical persona. This persona can be based on yourself, your friends, or a combination of several music artists you admire or find interesting. Once you have created and defined your musical persona you will develop a brand / identity for your artist. You will then leverage that … Continue reading


Hello! Welcome to the class blog. Assignments, handouts, and other class related information will be posted here. It’s a good idea to follow this blog so you will be notified every time something is posted. Now for your first assignment: Part 1. For your first assignment you will need to set up your own personal … Continue reading

Text Book

The textbook for this course is Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications, and History of Graphic Design click the link to purchase on Amazon.